Market Access

Market Access allows companies to organize a method to break barriers and reach patients with their medicinal products. This method of work starts with the gather of data, analyze the market and build up a strategy to introduce the products on the specific market.

PharSolution has its own team of experienced professionals on this subject, which support pharmaceutical companies that are willing to proceed towards a new project and to deliver sophisticated but clear and customized value propositions by:

• Understanding and anticipate stakeholder interactions & needs;

• Developing “win-win” propositions;

• Addressing risks/opportunities.

Development of Market Access Strategies

• In depth market desk analysis, including economic and therapeutic variables assessment and data treatment;

• Fieldwork, to test hypothesis and to obtain price sensitivity analysis;

• Proposal of possible strategies/methodologies to be followed for Market Access success;

• Discussion of the best option for the Price & Reimbursement success;

• Expert Panel Set up and Management;

• Advise on national healthcare system and Price and Reimbursement legislation changes;

• Any Other Supports identified and customized to the Client’s needs.

Price Applications

• Preparation, submission and follow-up of price applications;

• Preparation and submission of annual price revisions.

Reimbursement/Prior Assessment Applications

• Preparation and submission of Reimbursement/Prior Assessment Applications:


• Follow-up until finalisation of Reimbursement/Prior Assessment procedure: